8 Port Rackmount USB PS/2 Digital IP KVM Switch 8 Port Rackmount USB PS/2 Digital IP KVM 8 Port Rackmount USB PS/2 Digital IP KVM 8 Port Rackmount USB PS/2 Digital IP KVM Switch 8 Port Rackmount USB PS/2 Digital IP KVM Switch


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Product Description

StarTech.comÆs SV841HDIEGB revolutionizes remote server management by combining our industry-leading third generation Server Remote Control technology with a proven Enterprise class digital KVM switch. The SV841HDIEGB empowers you to securely manage up to eight computers remotely from almost anywhere using your LAN or the Internet. Unlike software solutions that require installation and work through your serverÆs operating system, the SV841HDIEGB gives you BIOS level control and full interaction with your systemÆs boot process. Control does not come at the expense of security: SSH tunneling, SSL encryption, RADIUS authentication, and a configurable firewall are all included to ensure that your network stays secure. With both USB and PS/2 support, this switch easily handles a mixed platform environment to provide a central point of administration for all your servers. For added flexibility you can attach your existing KVM switches to the SV841HDIEGB to remotely control up to 64 computers, and its standardized 1U rack-mountable metal chassis allows easy installation in your rack or cabinet.

Main Features

  • Flash upgradeable
  • Network Setup and Reset button
  • No software or drivers required
  • Plug and Play compliant
  • Supports IntelliMouse (Pro)
  • Access to the web console is user ID and SSL password secure. The Remote Server Management over IP card supports 32 user accounts and incorporates SSL encryption of session data, and SSL web communication encryption
  • Auto Scan Mode lets you switch between computers for easy monitoring
  • Compact 1U rack height takes up very little cabinet or rack space
  • Each computer name can be defined via the OSD menu
  • Hot-pluggable feature allow computers to be added or removed without shutting down
  • Login authentication restricts access to authorized users
  • Obtains an IP address using DHCP or manual configuration


  • Reboot attached systems, access the BIOS, and have full control over the keyboard and mouse – as if you are on site
  • User friendly access through an OSD or the integrated web server saves configuration time and frustration
  • Supports 16 bit video for a richer quality of picture when accessing the remote server either through the web browser or VNC client
  • Controls up to 8 computers directly and up to 64 computers by cascading 8 additional KVM switches
  • Remote, BIOS level access to all connected systems
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